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Dr. Gruenn - Interview on the Benefits of Rebounding
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DR. ROTA: Dr. Gruenn, you’re a physician, practicing preventive medicine. You have an expertise in detoxification. Can you share with us the benefits of Bouncercising?

DR. GRUENN: Bouncercising has a ton of benefits. It basically works positively on every system in every cell of the body. For example, the very important lymph system – and that’s unique about Bouncercising. It basically works and massage the lymph system by basically three forces. One is gravity, which pulls you down. The other is acceleration when you go up, and then you decelerate again as you go down. And this effect positively affects the body.

DR. ROTA: So then the release of toxins from the cell then, that we normally see in metabolism, it’s the lymphatic system - the lymph system that basically picks up these toxins and can stagnate unless it’s circulated.

DR. GRUENN: Let me just say a word to the lymph system because it is so important. It’s a system that runs parallel to the veins from the periphery of the body to the heart, and it has no pump. So how does lymph move? It moves by gravity. So if you put someone on the rebounder, and you work up and down, up and down - increase gravity – for a split second you are in space, no gravity – you massage the lymph system. And that moves the lymph, which then nurtures the cells better and pulls toxins away from the cells.

DR. ROTA: Can you connect the Freedom Spring System to the immune system?

DR. GRUENN: Yes, we talked about lymph flow. In the lymph system, the white blood cells get in contact with bacteria. The white blood cells then have a certain surveillance function for the body, for example, to pick up cancer cells. The lymph flow is increased, you will have a better effectiveness of your white blood cells and of your immune system.

DR. ROTA: We have also heard that exercising on the rebounder with the upper body system - which normally you pump and move the muscles, they get sore afterwards. I haven’t found the soreness. Would you say the same thing would apply?

DR. GRUENN: Yes, if you workout intensely, you produce lactic acids amongst others. And lactic acids in your tissue and your connective tissue ultimately creates inflammation and burns. If the lymph flow is accelerated, it takes the lactic acid away, which then is broken down in the liver, and you have less muscle soreness.
DR. ROTA: So then also we could apply – let’s say – to the joint deteriorations, the arthritises and things of that nature, the same principle.

DR. GRUENN: Yes, very important. Well, think about pounding the asphalt. You know, if you’re about 40, you probably know it does hurt your joints. And it does hurt your joints. It promotes degenerative joint disease basically. If you rebound, the movement is much, much smoother. You will have an absorption of all these negative forces and that will then protect the joints.

DR. ROTA: We have also heard about osteoporosis. Osteoporosis – the various organizations would state now that exercise facilitates a halt of osteoporosis. How do we apply that to rebounding?

DR. GRUENN: That’s a huge, huge topic. Because osteoporosis bucks a big percentage of the population because we are not exercising as much as we used to. And it’s true for men, too. Everyone talks about women, but it’s a huge issue for men, which mostly don’t get tested, so they don’t know about it. Why do we get osteoporosis? Because we don’t exercise. What prevents osteoporosis? Well, stress on the bones. It’s just like you would build a muscle. When you exercise, you build bones. And the main effect is gravity. When you accelerate, the gravity has a positive tension on the bones. Compared with running, where you pound the joints with every move, that’s not the effect with the rebounders.

DR. ROTA: We’ve heard about the importance of being fit. Can you describe the components of being physically fit?

DR. GRUENN: If you think about total fitness, it has various parts. There is an aerobic part, which you just get by working out. There is a muscle part – a muscle-building part which you get by rebounding and by using the various attachments which work your muscles. So if you think just about the gravity effect on your muscles, it’s like every one of your muscles would have a weight attached to it. Because whenever you come down, you have increased gravitational pull, and that puts an increased stress on your muscles. And then we talked already about the lymph system, how important it is. And then obviously it aids in staying flexible. And that is so important, especially as we grow older.

DR. ROTA: Thank you for being with us today and sharing some of your thoughts on that.

DR. GRUENN: Thank you.

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