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Natural Body Detoxification Solutions

Have You Ever Considered that the Symptoms
You Have Been Experiencing May Be
Due to Toxins in Your Body?


Scientists are now just beginning to link many health problems to body toxicity.

A toxic body will cause premature aging and
undue stress on all of the organs of the body.

Bouncercise is an excellent way to enhance the detoxification process.


About Toxins:

The New Webster’s Medical Dictionary defines detoxification as:
“To decrease the toxic properties of a substance: to remove the effects of toxic substances.”

There are two types of toxins:
Toxins that originate outside the body are Exotoxins.
(example: mercury from fillings, pesticides, chemicals)
Toxins that originate in the body are Endotoxins
(example: certain by-products of incomplete digestion)

When we do not get sufficient oxygen in our bodies, through inactivity, for example, we get the acidic toxic by-products of incomplete metabolism, which may cause damage to our tissues. This results in physical problems such as osteoporosis, arthritis, or tooth decay.

A build up of toxins can cause any number of other physical problems, including degenerative and more rapid aging processes, and other ailments ranging from allergies to cellulite.

The organs that eliminate these damaging toxins are primarily the colon, kidney, and skin. The colon releases the majority by our daily eliminations; followed by the kidneys through urination; and skin, through perspiration. If we become constipated, we may retain and reabsorb these damaging substances. If we do not get enough water, the toxins may collect and concentrate and damage our kidneys. And if we don’t sweat, they may cause a variety of skin conditions from the concentrated toxins.

On a cellular level, our Lymphatic System is also a major eliminator of toxins.

The Freedom Spring boosts the Lymphatic System!

Because the lymphatic system only has valves that operate in one direction, and has no pump to move the lymphatic fluid through the body, Bouncercise’s gentle up and down motion increases this lymphatic flow up to 15 times, immediately, even when you do a very soft, light bounce—nothing strenuous.

So when you Bouncercise, you are greatly enhancing your body’s ability to release toxins and eliminate them from your system. Repeated use of the Bouncerciser will lead to increases in your physical health and energy levels, simply because you are handling toxins that have been slowing you down.

In addition, in order to reverse the damaging effects of both Endotoxins and Exotoxins, it is vital to provide our body with the proper nutrients containing the natural anti-oxidants found in fruits and vegetables. Circulating these throughout the body is a vital companion ally to this disease defense mechanism. Bouncercise can come to the rescue!

Research has shown that too much anaerobic exercise (like weight lifting) may have the reverse effect on the clearing of these toxins.

That is why, we at American Bio-Compatible Health System, Inc., are truly excited about the gentle, effective circulating effect of Bouncercise using the Freedom Spring System to stimulate the lymphatic system naturally to promote a safe release of the burden of these aging toxins.

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Susan B. was told that her symptoms were all in her head. After years of searching and investigating, she found out that her body had extremely high levels of toxicity.

Click here to listen to Susan's interview with Dr. Rota about the detoxification benefits of the Freedom Spring!
"Although I suffered the gamut of autoimmune/neurological conditions over a decade and was considered 'disabled' by the state of California, I was to learn my body had actually become a toxic waste site. There were those who believed my bizarre and dramatic decline in health was 'All In My Head.' In a very real way, they were right.
"My teeth, located in my head, were filled with mercury amalgams, a severely toxic metal. Testing results produced mercury levels off the charts. Detoxification became the name of the game for recovery. The exit for toxins is essentially through the skin, bowel and urine, and thus aggressive avenues were implemented to promote this process. Results were tremendous, and within 2 years, I was no longer deemed disabled.
"The Freedom Spring System has been fabulous in fostering the ongoing detoxification necessary for maximum health. Within minutes the lymphatic system kicks in and my body begins to shine with perspiration. Perspiration had been almost nonexistent in my life, even when in a sauna, but Bouncercising now easily brings the toxins out, and I rejoice with every drop. The "movement" of the day often follows shortly thereafter, and these days it is quite a "relief." The constipation issues that were once all over my medical charts are now in the toilet, where they belong.
"With the Freedom Spring System, my energy, spirit, and well being soar as I continue reaching higher levels of health. Thank you, Dr. Rota, for the courage and commitment it takes to improve our world. It is time. I am grateful." Susan B.
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