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Common Equipment Questions
What is the difference between the Freedom Spring and the rebounding equipment I've seen?
How do you install the Freedom Spring System? Is it easy to do?
Common Questions about How to Use the Freedom Spring
Other Common Questions
1. What is the difference between the Freedom Spring and the rebounding equipment I've seen?  

The Patented Freedom Spring System® was designed for use in high-end fitness clubs. Every attention has been made to quality, effectiveness, and durability. The main difference between the Freedom Spring and any rebounder you may have seen is that the Freedom Spring offers both the benefits of bouncing as well as upper body resistance training. The overhead resistance system allows you to get a total body workout, instead of just lower body benefits.    

2. Why not buy a cheap rebounder?  

The cheap rebounders or mini-trampolines are little more than toys. The springs are brittle and provide a hard, jarring bounce. A rebounder intended for health and fitness needs to provide a soft bounce, and the springs designed to resist breakage

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The Bouncercise Rebounder
Low Quality Rebounders
The Secret of the Soft Bounce is in the Engineering and Quality of the Springs.
If the trampoline has a hard bounce, you may as well run on pavement.  Also, beware of rebounders that have springs that attach directly into the frame.
3. Why does the rebounder have a trapezoidal shape?  

The trapezoidal shape brings more functionality and aesthetics to bouncing. Geometrically speaking, a trapezoid has more surface area than a circle of the same dimension. Also, when used in conjunction with the Overhead Resistance System, it provides more efficient and usable space on the Bouncerciser itself. With a circle, you tend to just want to stay in the middle. Also, the tailored leatheroid cover and trapezoid shape just looks nicer and lends a certain symmetry when placed near a door or wall.

4. What is the weight limit for the Bouncerciser?  

The weight limit for the standard, nonfolding Bouncerciser is 300 pounds. The weight limit for the folding Bouncerciser is 250 pounds. In order for the warranty to be in effect, the user must be within those weight parameters.

5. How do you install the Freedom Spring System? Is it easy to do?  

The Freedom Spring System comes with a doorway mount system. The doorway needs to be between 25 and 40 inches wide. The stationary bar is mounted with pressure and also sits in two cradles that are mounted with screws on both sides of the door jam.

See our Easy Installation Instructions

If you do not have a suitable doorway, a wall mount is also available for a nominal extra charge. The wall mount requires only one wall stud for installation.

See our Wall Mount Installation Instructions
-6. What do I do on this? Where do I start?  

Your Freedom Spring System will come with an instruction manual, and you may also watch our website for updated exercise routines and suggestions. Click here for an illustrated workout guide that you can use for examples of movements you can do on the Freedom Spring. However, we strongly urge a user of any level to start slowly, with five minutes of bouncing, then gradually adding time and more exercises. This is because Bouncercise is extremely effective in toxin removal, that you don’t want to flood your body too quickly of the toxins. A slower approach is safer and more comfortable.

7. How long do I work out?  

Your length of workout depends on your fitness goals. It is recommended by fitness professionals that we achieve 12 minutes of aerobics every day. If you would like to take advantage of the benefits of extended aerobic conditioning and strength training, then work up to a 25-minute workout.



8. How should I bounce? How can I control my heart rate?

We recommend a gentle bounce. With the Freedom Spring System, a high bounce is never needed. If you want to increase your heart rate, simply work with the resistance cords, and that will immediately raise your heart rate. If you want to slow your heart rate, then release the resistance cords and just hold onto the Freedom Bar and gently bounce. With the absence of the resistance training, your heart rate will decrease.

9. Do I need any Special Clothing?  

For Bouncercise, any type of clothing will do, since you are doing only a gentle bounce. If you plan a workout, shoes are optional, according to individual preference. Women are encouraged to wear some type of effective breast support or bra.

10. I’m over 65, and a little wobbly on my feet. Is this safe for me to use? How long should I bounce? How should I bounce?  

With Bouncercise, you are always holding onto something to control your every move, either the suspended stabilizing bar or a resistance cord. Even those with balance problems may exercise and even improve their balance while Bouncercising. Your feet need to leave the mat. It is strongly recommended for seniors to do a gentle bounce for even just five minutes a day. This will increase your circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system. If you feel like doing more, feel free to increase your time of your bouncing or adding some light exercises. But just a few minutes a day provides tremendous health benefits.



11. What is the warranty for the Freedom Spring?  
Frame of the Bouncerciser Lifetime Warranty
Bouncerciser Mat 5 years
Bouncerciser Springs 3 years
Overhead Resistance System Lifetime Warranty (Except resistance cords)
Resistance Cords 6 months
12. Is my satisfaction guaranteed?  

Try the Freedom Spring System for 60 days. Really give it an honest workout. Start Bouncercising, ask questions, try the workout routines.

And if you sincerely believe that you do not feel physically better, or have not benefited from using the Freedom Spring System, you can return it, (in good condition, of course,) and we will refund your money, less an 10% restocking fee, and shipping & handling.


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