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The incredible combination of both aerobic workout and strength training, available ONLY with the Freedom Spring System, strengthens both the large and small muscle groups.

You'll experience an amazing improvement in endurance. You'll be able to exercise longer, without getting sore and tired, and see much better results than in any exercise program you've worked with before!

You'll build lean muscle mass at an incredible rate, faster than with any other form of exercise! Bouncercise improves the development of lean body mass by improving metabolism, thereby reducing fat buildup and improving the development of muscle fibers.

You will see a dramatic increase in your vital lung capacity – your lungs will literally be able to handle more oxygen at once! More oxygen means increased energy, alertness, and health. Amaze your doctor at your next checkup.

Low Impact No Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness
Strengthen Muscles and Bones Easily Manage Heart Rate
Improve Balance and Coordination Aerobic/Endurance Exercise
Increase Metabolism Increase Your Daily Energy Level
Naturally Removes Toxins Easy to Use - Takes Little Space

CRAIG: I’ve worked with a lot of people that are looking to tone their body. The cardiovascular is essential because you want to not only facilitate circulation and help your heart, but you also want to burn calories. And you do it through both, but to have that benefit of cleansing the lymphatic system, that’s something we really haven’t touched in the personal training field.

DR. ROTA: You’ve made some assertion as to total body workout. Can we say from your standpoint, from a trainer who has been at it for awhile – a nutritionist and who obviously is in refined shape - can the Freedom Spring give us a total body workout?

. . . Continued

Craig Hollander,
25-Year Veteran Personal Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, Columnist


Enhancing your body through the use of weight training (resistance training) is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Weight training is one of the best ways to create long lasting good health and wellness for your body.

Don't Change What You Do - Just Do It Better!

"I’ve never tried anything else like this before, and I was really pleasantly surprised because I liked the idea that I could get both my cardiovascular workout and my resistance training or strength training at the same time.

And what I noticed is that I was accustomed to doing resistance training with weights, but with the Freedom Spring – I found that my muscles wouldn’t be sore like they would be after I was lifting weights. Also, just the resistance of both the up and the down resistance, just produced tremendous results.

I noticed a change in my strength, which sort of surprised me. My wife and I do yoga together, like three, four times a week. And one of the series of moves that we do takes a lot of strength. I have never actually been able to do it. And the other day, I actually did it. I was sort of shocked that I was able to do it.

So I’m very, very happy with the Freedom Spring and the results I have seen with it.!"

- Harreson (Age 42)

Now Dancing Better

"I’m fifteen years old, and I’m a dancer, and I have danced for about four years. I try and dance every day.

I started using the Freedom Spring because I had chronic knee pains. The Freedom Spring has helped me to become more flexible and strengthen my upper body, and it also has helped strengthen the area around my knees, so I am able to dance more now."

- Emma

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