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The Freedom Spring System®

Imagine aerobics, strength training, and natural body detoxification every time you use the Freedom Spring. The Freedom Spring System® is the only exerciser proven to increase lymphatic circulation as much as 15 times. That means your body is cleansed of environmental impurities and toxins.

It’s no wonder you feel better after using the Freedom Spring. Other exercisers don’t give you the Freedom Spring triple action workout, targeting your cardio and lymphatic system while also building and firming your muscles.

Only the Freedom Spring System does all three.

The Freedom Spring System® Includes:
Trapezoidal-Shaped Bouncerciser:
It doesn't look like other
exercise equipment
because it gets results !
  • 40" x 40" x 39" x 31"
  • 11 inches high
  • 32 pounds
  • 42 Springs, specially designed for a cushioned bounce
  • Leatheroid, fitted spring cover
  • Mat with double reinforced trim
  • Collapsible legs - spring loaded
  • Rubber Floor protectors on each leg
Resistance System - Doorway Mount:
Stationary Bar: expands to a 25" to 40" doorway. Cradles are screwed into the doorway that hold the stationary bar. Cradles have three holes for screws and adhesive for more reinforcement and to aid in proper installation.
  • Freedom Bar: 23" long, steel, cushioned hand grips
  • Adjustable nylon straps with two buckles on each strap.
    Expands from 8 in. to 22 in.
  • Three sets of resistance cords with hand grips: Light, Medium, Heavy - all 25" long, from the clamp to clamp, not including the hand grip
  • Three rubber-coated rings that hold the Freedom Bar and attachments
  • Fourth metal ring (uncoated) holds the instruction card
  • Owners Manual - 24 pages
  • Hanging Instruction Card, 5" x 10", double-sided
Freedom Spring System Options:

Wall Mount for Resistance System
For more installation options, the Resistance System may also be installed on a wall, requiring only one wall stud. If you would like to mount your Resistance System on the wall, be sure to order the Wall Mount.
The Wall Mount
Must Be Installed on a Wall Stud.
Wall Mount
only $79.95
  • Single-Piece Chrome Wall Mount with
    Trapezoid Plate (8"x9") and attached
    Stationary Bar (16" wide)
  • Two Bolts with Matching Bolt Caps
  • Mounts on a single wall stud

Free Bonus!

As a free gift for ordering the Freedom Spring System , we will include a copy of “The Freedom Spring Classics” CD – a $24.95 value – Specially arranged music and narrated workout instructions to inspire your Bouncercise sessions.

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