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Interview with a Seasoned Fitness Trainer

Craig Hollander, 20-Year Veteran Personal Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, Columnist

CRAIG: I’ve worked with a lot of people that are looking to tone their body. The cardiovascular is essential because you want to not only facilitate circulation and help your heart, but you also want to burn calories. And you do it through both, but to have that benefit of cleansing the lymphatic system, that’s something we really haven’t touched in the personal training field.

DR. ROTA: You’ve made some assertion as to total body workout. Can we say from your standpoint, from a trainer who has been at it for awhile – a nutritionist and who obviously is in refined shape - can the Freedom Spring give us a total body workout?

CRAIG: I would say that not only does it give you a total body workout, but what impressed me the most – besides the working out and the toning and the circulatory - was that you have a detoxifying result from this, and that is pretty amazing that you can literally cleanse the lymphatic system as you’re getting your body in shape.

As I told you before, I felt every single muscle that I was using. I liked the fact that you have the bar so that you could even do some of the power moves, which I showed you.

DR. ROTA: Quite impressive, by the way.

CRAIG: Well, you can even do a pull-up on that. You know, being able to use every single muscle group – your chest, your back, your delts, your bi’s, your tri’s, you’re using your legs. You showed me the dips where you’re using your legs, so basically you’re using the hips, the gluts.

You can cover all the body parts, and most importantly the abdominals because that’s your core. And as you know, the abdominal muscles protect your lower back. And most people at some point in their lives do have a lower back problem.

So I can actually say that, yes, I would endorse this professionally. It’s really a quality device. You have these different cords, and as they get thicker, it gives more tension. You can hit every muscle group. So I found it was just really wonderful.

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