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If you already own a High-Quality Rebounder, then you've already
experienced some of the Benefits of Bouncercise!

But now you can add Strength Training and Stretching
to your Rebounding Workout with Our
Patented Overhead Resistance System!

If you already have a rebounder, that's great! But you should first review the following checklist to see if it is time for you to upgrade to the Freedom Spring...

Does Your Current Rebounder Have . . .

  • 42 High-Grade, Wide-Belly Springs?
    The Freedom Spring Bouncerciser features 42 springs that are specially engineered for a soft bounce to work in conjunction with upper-body conditioning. Our springs are longer and have more coils per spring than conventional rebounders. The Freedom Spring Bouncerciser is specially designed for a cushioned bounce, making this a truly low-impact exercise system!
  • The Shape of a Trapezoid?
    With a trapezoidal shape, you'll have more room to perform a variety of steps and movements that just aren't possible with a square or round rebounder. With a trapezoidal shape, you can do forward and side-to-side movements you just can't do on a circular or square rebounder.

If your current rebounder is circular, you will not be able to get the best results from your workout.

Here's why:

We designed a Bouncerciser in the shape of a trapezoid because during the development phase, it was found that this shape would be the most functional in consideration with the overhead system. A circular shape was too confining, as one felt they had to stay in the middle of the mat.

With the trapezoidal shape, it would fit better alongside a door or wall, and since the suspended bar and resistance cords opened up a variety of movements, the surface of the rebounder had to accommodate the new exercises.

Also, geometrically speaking, a trapezoid offers a larger jumping area than the circular rebounders already on the market. It gives us an opportunity to use the entire surface area of the mat while performing the large variety of exercises.


Sylvia Ortiz, CEO, Fit For You International, Inc. on Bouncercise:


"As a long-time user and Certification Instructor for rebounding & producer of the popular “Rebound Beyond Aerobics” video, I am quite familiar with the many benefits of rebounding in pursuing optimum health."

"Bouncercising on the Freedom Spring System takes rebounding to the next level. The versatility of Bouncercise makes the benefits of rebounding available for people of all ages, especially senior citizens.”


Quality and Durability

It is our goal to manufacture the best exercise system available. The exercises performed on the
Freedom Spring System are highly effective, but quality of the equipment itself is of the utmost priority for American Bio-Compatible Health Systems, Inc. For several years, The Freedom Spring System has been carefully engineered and has been designed for commercial use in health clubs.

This intense process of development produced a Bouncerciser that is constructed of a heavy-gauge steel frame. The mat is constructed with a polypropylene material, which is the highest-quality trampoline textile available on the market. The springs are specially designed to produce a safe, soft bounce that resists breakage.

The Overhead Resistance System is also made of durable metals and resistant rubber. We take great pride in the durability and quality of The Freedom Spring System, and it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing exercise systems available.


Bouncercise with confidence and good health!






Click to listen to Harreson

"I’ve never tried anything else like this before, and I was really pleasantly surprised because I liked the idea that I could get both my cardiovascular workout and my resistance training or strength training at the same time. And what I noticed is that I was accustomed to doing resistance training with weights, but with the
Freedom Spring – I found that my muscles wouldn’t be sore like they would be after I was lifting weights. Also, just the resistance of both the up and the down resistance, just produced tremendous results. I noticed a change in my strength, which sort of surprised me. My wife and I do yoga together, like three, four times a week. And one of the series of moves that we do takes a lot of strength. I have never actually been able to do it. And the other day, I actually did it. I was sort of shocked that I was able to do it. So I’m very, very happy with the Freedom Spring and the results I have seen with it.!"



Our Guarantee

I am so certain you will like the Freedom Spring System I am going to make an amazing personal guarantee:
Try the Freedom Spring System for up to 6 months- that's right - six months! Really give it an honest workout. Start Bouncercising, sign up for our free courses, ask questions, try the workout routines. And if you sincerely believe that you do not feel physically better, or have not benefited from using the Freedom Spring System, you can return it, (in good condition, of course) and I will refund your money, less shipping and handling. That's how certain I am that you will love the Freedom Spring System.

The frame of the Bouncerciser carries a lifetime warranty. The mat is warranted against defect for 3 years. The springs carry a 5-year warranty. This warranty is effective if the user is not over 300 pounds for the standard Bouncerciser and 250 pounds for the folding Bouncerciser.

The Overhead Resistance System, with the exception of the resistance cords, carries a Lifetime Warranty. The resistance cords are guaranteed against defect for six months. Please inspect the resistance cords before each use.

In the unlikely event that you need to return an item or replace a part, first call our customer service department for proper replacement procedure.


Free Bonus!

As a free gift for ordering the Freedom Spring System by , we will include a copy of “The Freedom Spring Classics” CD – a $24.95 value – Specially arranged music and narrated workout instructions to inspire your Bouncercise sessions.

    The Freedom Spring System

    Deluxe Folding Bouncerciser
    and Doorway System
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    Add The Carrying Case for Deluxe Folding Bouncerciser:

    Don't leave home without your Bouncerciser! This convenient carrying case will hold your entire Freedom Spring System.

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    The Freedom Spring System

    Standard Bouncerciser
    and Doorway System
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    The Original Freedom Spring Overhead Resistance System
    Doorway System
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    The Original Freedom Spring

    Wall Mount
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    The Wall Mount may only be purchased with a Freedom Spring System

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