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The Freedom Spring System®
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Freedom Spring System® - Standard Model
Includes Non-Folding Bouncercise Rebounder and Resistance System

REG 449.95
Freedom Spring System® - Deluxe Folding Model
Includes Folding Bouncercise Rebounder and Resistance System


REG 499.95
Accessories and Components Sold Separately  
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Bouncercise Rebounder - Standard Model
The legs collapse on both non-folding and folding rebounders
Bouncercise Rebounder - Deluxe Folding Model
Tailored Leather-like Spring Cover Included
Resistance System
Add Stabilization, Stretches, and Strength Training to Your Rebound Exercise

REG 179.95
Wall Mount For Resistance System
Add another way to install your Resistance System
Carry Case for Folding Bouncercise Rebounder
Freedom Spring Classics Music CD and Instruction
Free with purchase of the Freedom Spring System®

Listen to a sample

REG 24.95
Health, Nutrition & Weight Loss Programs
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Stevia - 2 ounce Bottle
This is the best-tasting Stevia on the market today. The FDA won't allow us to call it a sweetener, so we won't. But it tastes great in tea and coffee.

$1 Discount per bottle on orders of 3 bottles or more
Authentic South African Hoodia Gordonii - A traditional plant used by the San people of the Kalahari Desert to stave off hunger on long journeys, researchers say Hoodia targets the appetite control centers of the brain. But a recent study by Consumer Reports challenges the authenticity of many products in the marketplace. That's why every batch of Hoodia we purchase from South Africa is accompanied by a CITES certificate, the international organization that governs trade of threatened plants.
  • Alcohol Free
  • FDA Registered Facility
  • Authentic African Hoodia
  • Analyzed and Certified
  • Fast Absorbing Liquid
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 30 drops (1 ml) in a glass of water 15-30 minutes before meals. Repeat more often for faster results.
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