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Rebounder Upgrade
If you already own a High-Quality Rebounder, then you've only
experienced SOME of the Benefits of Bouncercise!

If you already own a rebounder, that's great!

But now you can bring your exercise program to the next level.
Add Strength Training and Stretching
to your Rebounding Workout with Our
Patented Overhead Resistance System!

You can't do this
with just any ordinary rebounder.

Add variety to your rebound exercise!

Now rebounding can ALWAYS be fun!

The Overhead Resistance System Includes:


  • Stationary Bar, expands to a 25" to 40" doorway.
  • Freedom Bar: 23" long, steel, cushioned hand grips
  • Three sets of resistance cords with hand grips: Light, Medium, Heavy - all 25" long, from the clamp to clamp, not including the hand grip
  • Fourth metal ring (uncoated) holds the instruction card
  • Hanging Instruction Card, 5" x 10", double-sided



For more installation options, the Freedom Spring Resistance System may also be installed on a wall.

The Wall Mount Includes:

  • Single-Piece Chrome Wall Mount with Trapezoid Plate (8"x9") with attached Stationary Bar (16" wide)
  • Two Bolts with Matching Bolt Caps
  • Mounts on a single wall stud
  • Printed Installation Instructions
Wall Mount Installation Instructions

Order Your
Resistance System


REG 179.95


If you already have a rebounder, you should first review the following checklist to see if it is time for you to upgrade to the Freedom Spring...

Does Your Current Rebounder Have . . .

42 High-Grade, Wide-Belly Springs?


The Freedom Spring Bouncerciser features 42 springs that are specially engineered for a soft bounce to work in conjunction with upper-body conditioning. Our springs are longer and have more coils per spring than conventional rebounders. The Freedom Spring Bouncerciser is specially designed for a cushioned bounce, making this a truly low-impact exercise system!


One More Thing About the Springs . . .

Our Rebounder Springs
NEVER rub together
Even the other "top-of-the-line" rebounders have springs that rub together. This creates unnecessary NOISE and wear.
Ask their customers!
The Shape of a Trapezoid?
With a trapezoidal shape, you'll have more room to perform a variety of steps and movements that just aren't possible with a square or round rebounder. With a trapezoidal shape, you can do forward and side-to-side movements you just can't do on a circular or square rebounder.

If your current rebounder is circular, you will not be able to get the best results from your workout. Here's why:

We designed a Bouncerciser in the shape of a trapezoid because during the development phase, it was found that this shape would be the most functional in consideration with the overhead system. A circular shape was too confining, as one felt they had to stay in the middle of the mat.

With the trapezoidal shape, it would fit better alongside a door or wall, and since the suspended bar and resistance cords opened up a variety of movements, the surface of the rebounder had to accommodate the new exercises.

Also, geometrically speaking, a trapezoid offers a larger jumping area than the circular rebounders already on the market. It gives us an opportunity to use the entire surface area of the mat while performing the large variety of exercises.


Sylvia Ortiz, CEO, Fit For You International, Inc.
on Bouncercise:


"As a long-time user and Certification Instructor for rebounding & producer of the popular “Rebound Beyond Aerobics” video, I am quite familiar with the many benefits of rebounding in pursuing optimum health."

"Bouncercising on the Freedom Spring System takes rebounding to the next level. The versatility of Bouncercise makes the benefits of rebounding available for people of all ages, especially senior citizens.”

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