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Low-Impact Rehabilitation Solutions
Regain your Strength and Mobility.

If you've suffered any kind of injury,
you know how difficult it can be to work with any kind of exercise equipment safely and without causing additional pain.

The Freedom Spring System® is now available to help you achive your physical rehabilitation goals, without causing any kind of strain or pain!

Get an aerobic workout, with almost any kind of pre-existing injury or disability.
The soft bounce increases your circulation and helps your heart pump faster without any pain or difficult exertion.
Flexibility in your chest wall, due to the consistent and easy movement of the muscles in your torso.
Most people experience lower blood pressure and resting heart rate than ever before.

The Freedom Spring is ideal for Disabled Persons

Persons of all physical abilities can Bouncercise. With the suspended stabilizing bar, a person that has difficulty standing is able to hold onto the bar and bounce, which will increase their heart rate.

For people who are confined to wheelchairs, they may sit on the Bouncerciser and have someone stand behind them on the mat and bounce them up and down. The overhead strength training system may also be installed at a lower level, so they may be bounced and work their upper body muscles at the same time. Bouncercise offers increased circulation, even for the most immobilized persons.

We are never too old or too disabled to exercise. Contrary to traditional thinking, regular exercise actually helps, not hurts. We can hurt ourselves more by inactivity than by over activity. It is my hope to be part of bringing improved health to those who find exercise a challenging or inaccessible part of their life.

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Freedom Spring System®
Woman with Left-Side Paralysis Easily Gets 15-20 Minutes of Aerobics Every Day!

"I’ve never perspired, like never. And, I had a stroke. Let me tell you that I am able to get on the Freedom Spring and actually get my heart rate up. That’s the first experience that I’ve had since I had the stroke (16 years ago) of being able to do some kind of exercise that would get my heart rate up and hopefully lose inches and pounds, or whatever.

It’s easy for me to get on it, even though I have a disability – you know, I have a left-sided paralysis. I can’t walk fast enough, you see, because of my disability. I am unable to walk fast enough to bring any kind of perspiration or whatever. Forget it. I am just unable to."

- Norma

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84 Year Old Woman Regains Her Balance

"I’m 84 years old, and I can’t tell how much I enjoy the Freedom Spring. I’ve exercised most of my life, but this is such fun, such fun. This equipment is in one place, and you can’t help but love doing it.

I had a recent problem with my inner ear and lost my balance completely. This has helped me in two months to regain my balance. I can walk now. I don’t fall down.

It uses all my muscles everywhere. And again – fun.
Fun, fun, fun. I recommend it to everybody."

Elinor, Age 84

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Freedom Spring System®

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