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Elinor's balance problems
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Why is the Freedom Spring System®
So Great for Seniors?

In a gentle, easy-to-use manner, the Freedom Spring safely combines aerobics and strength training. It is great for your heart, muscles, bones, and immune system without the dangers of high-impact physical activities.

The Freedom Spring System
was developed by a senior

Low Impact Prevents Osteoporosis
Strengthen Muscles and Bones No Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness
Improve Balance and Coordination Aerobic/Endurance Exercise
Lose Weight Safely Even Tiny Muscles get a Workout
Boost the Immune System Relieve Constipation
Increase Circulation and Cardiovascular Strength
How to Use the Freedom Spring System:

Simply step up onto the Bouncercise Rebounder , holding onto the Freedom Bar for stability. While still holding the Freedom Bar, gently bounce. Your feet never need to leave the mat. Start with only five minutes, and gradually increase your bouncing time and frequency of your bouncing sessions.

The Freedom Spring System® consists of a patented, specially engineered, trapezoidal Freedom Spring Bouncercise Rebounder (mini trampoline or rebounder) with the original Freedom Spring Resistance System.

The Overhead System includes an easy-to-install stationary bar that fits in any conventional doorway. It also includes the Freedom Bar that attaches to the stationary bar with adjustable straps. (Wall Mount Accessory Available)

Plus, three pairs of resistance cords of varying strengths are included, to accommodate your individual needs. The resistance cords may be attached to the stationary bar or to the Freedom Spring rebounder.

Your feet NEVER need to leave the mat!
Here's What Seniors Who Use Freedom Spring Have to Say...

"I’ve never perspired, like never. And, I had a stroke. Let me tell you that I am able to get on the Freedom Spring and actually get my heart rate up. That’s the first experience that I’ve had since I had the stroke (16 years ago) of being able to do some kind of exercise that would get my heart rate up and hopefully lose inches and pounds, or whatever.

It’s easy for me to get on it, even though I have a disability – you know, I have a left-sided paralysis. I can’t walk fast enough, you see, because of my disability. I am unable to walk fast enough to bring any kind of perspiration or whatever. Forget it. I am just unable to."

- Norma




"I’m 84 years old, and I can’t tell how much I enjoy the Freedom Spring. I’ve exercised most of my life, but this is such fun, such fun. This equipment is in one place, and you can’t help but love doing it.

I had a recent problem with my inner ear and lost my balance completely. This has helped me in two months to regain my balance. I can walk now. I don’t fall down.

It uses all my muscles everywhere. And again – fun.
Fun, fun, fun. I recommend it to everybody."

Elinor, Age 84



“The Freedom Spring is very easy to use, even for a 92-year-old. I enjoy using it several times each day. It has helped me to keep nimble and spry, as it’s a great tool for us elderly as we approach old age.”

- Everett G., Age 92




"I am 76 years old and I have found the Freedomspring a wonderful way to exercise. It has helped me lose pounds and improved my immune system so I am not as subject to flu and colds. It is a nice piece of equipment that doesn't take up much space in my small home. I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially the seniors."

- Alice R., Age 76


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